Prepare to Succeed ~ September goal setting

September 9, 2012

I recently went to a great lecture and they talked about the importance of goal setting at the beginning of each month …

I followed through last month, wrote out a few goals for each segment of my balance wheel (a tool I use when life coaching) – and posted them up on my wall in my office…

To my amazement, when I came back and re-wrote my goals for this month, I was quite impressed with myself with how much I accomplished.  I looked at my goals a few times each week, but truthfully once I had written them down and posted it as an intent, it really sunk in…and I just did it ..almost automatically – it was fresh and strong in my mind.

So, for tonight I’ll give you 3 topics…from the balance wheel (just randomly – I’ll do the others bit by bit over the next few days.)  for each topic make about 3 goals to take action on this month..then post them up on your wall at home, or keep them in your sock drawer (anywhere you’ll see them often) and see how much you have accomplished at the end of the month.

1.) Love and Romance…. ooooo…how creative will you get?

2.) Health and Fitness …. what are you willing to commit to for one month?

3.) Personal Growth….. firstly, define what that means to you…an then how you will go about it.

Get to it…you’ll amaze yourself!

Namaste ~




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