Goal Setting and Creating Balance Sept. 2012

September 13, 2012

Set some goals for the rest of the month:

(see previous blog for first portion)

4.) Fun and Recreation: what do you love to do, but too often put off?  Could you do it weekly, bi-weekly, once a month?  Daily?  How much more joy would you have in your life, if you made one little change to incorporate more fun? … Choose it — Do it!

Or what do you do too much of, and wish you could do less of?  Make the choice, it’s okay.  My choice in this regard, has been to cover my computer in the day and only have alloted times when I can go on it… otherwise – I waste so much time on it, when I could be enjoying living!.. So, mine’s a “not-do” thing.

5.) Finances:  got any new ideas for increasing your finances?  Brainstorm.. what options do you have?  Identify them, then pick one.. it could be education, it could be connecting with more people, it could be creating an ad, or offering something new…  get your creativity hat on, and get to it!… Or perhaps it’s a savings goal…

6.) Career:  (Kind of goes with the last…maybe…maybe not…)  How satisfied are you right now in your career?  What would you want to change?  Can you change that aspect?  Could you change something around it, to make it better?

How can you enjoy what you do more?  Identify then ACT!



Set the steps in place – 1-2 ACTION steps for the month of September in each category… see at the end of the month how it feels.

It may be a doing of something, is may be a not-doing of something or Simplification… you decide.

Be curious.


A. H.


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