Make love not war ~today’s healing epiphany

August 15, 2014

We all know the slogan has been around for a very long time”Make love not war” and can be taken on  many levels (lol)

Those of you who know me, know that I joke around about feeling like I was born in the wrong generation (truly a hippie at heart)…but truly do feel like this is my time and place I am meant to be.


I speak strongly and am active in promoting peace both in the World and in Oneself (because really they are one in the same, aren’t they)…

So, here’s where today’s epiphany came in: 

I made some cookies today with my daughter…which has been long over-do – because I have been a quote-un-quote health natzi, and figured, let the reins go a bit, and do this for her…. so we made somewhat-healthy (almond flour/coconut flour/ steel cut oat/organic butter/free run eggs) Chocolate chip cookies.  I haven’t had sugar in a bit, and very soon after licking the bowl (because seriously – that’s the best part – gettin’ your hands in it and the pure sensory experience) my belly began to distend and feel oh-so-yucky.  (I knew I would…) but in that moment the biggest new A-HA came, I actually started to visualize the battle going on with in me, which of course causes the distention and discomfort…my antibodies, protecting their health and land, from these sugar invaders.  I saw that if we “all are the same”, and my body is in fact a Universe, then I AM the one creating a WAR right now in my body.  If I want wars to stop on a global scale, then I have to stop the very war that I have declared on myself and my body, by this food choice.  

Have you ever seen those pictures of that show the similarities of the Universe and you very own body… we ARE the Universe, and I must make my body a truer reflection of what I want to see and create in the World – Peaceful land.  I must stop the wars within me, by making peaceful decisions, and this peace includes the food I choose to fuel this “Universe” with.  


It may seem like an odd notion, but it struck me very stongly, and will be something I take with me into my future

~ Will the foods I choose to eat – make love and not war?

~~ To infinity and beyond…my friends.   Each choice counts.

xo ❤ Love and light 


we are one in the same  11:11 Full Circle Health

we are one in the same
11:11 Full Circle Health

you are the Universe  11:11 Full Cirlce Healing

You are the Universe
11:11 Full Circle Healing



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