Nov. & Dec. Deep Healing Program ~ mind-body health, nutrition, stress, energy, exercise, chakra balance & hormonal balance

November 3, 2014

With colder weather settling in and snow beginning to fly…our natural rhythm starts to turn inward; contemplating our past years growth & reflecting upon our body & emotions.

As this happens we start to see clearly what our choices of the past year have done for us:  and whether they have made us strong or weak.  Our current bodies, and emotions show us where we are in balance and out of balance.

11:11 Deep Healing program walks with you through the heart of winter and through one of the most challenging times for mental, physical and emotional stress ~ Christmas.  With Alyssa at your side you have a coach to help make your winter peaceful, whole and healthy.

be well - be warm -- heal from the inside out...this winter <3

be well – be warm — heal from the inside out…this winter ❤

* Get step by step guidance for managing & creating a healthy happy weight

* Receive personalized exercises for giving you energy and revitalizing your body, while healing your energy centers and organs (personal training or group sessions also available*)

* Holistic personalized nutrition (for optimal weight, energy, organ function, immune, hormonal, lymphatic, circulatory, digestive, eliminative, nervous, glandular, muscular, skeletal & reproductive health)

* Personal support and guidance weekly and as needed

* Powerful tools for managing stress and creating balance

* Exercises for maximizing caloric expenditure and building lean muscle mass


~ Alyssa Huntley, INLPTA, is a well known practitioner in the field of holistic health, weight loss, emotional and spiritual healing.  For over 16 years, Alyssa has been combining her holistic approach of healing to help guide and co-create healthy wholesome lives for her clients and fitness family.  Alyssa draws upon her knowledge and certification as an herbalist, iridologist, fitness & personal trainer, nutrition specialist, life coach, NLP practitioner, yoga teacher and energy worker, to center in on the root of a problem and heal the whole being.

For more information on the 11:11 Deep Healing Program and other 11:11 programs* & training, please contact Alyssa at

11:11 Deep Healing - winter program for pure health and wellness


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