Kind words ~ Letter of Recommendation from Craig Creighton May 5.14

November 28, 2014

I am writing this letter to convey my appreciation and respect for the abilities of Alyssa Huntley.

As a lifetime athlete, I suppose I have attended almost every style of fitness center in a generic sense and each and every one has it’s assets as well as thier faults.  This goes without exception and at this time I would like to present my experience at Fit Body Boot Camp.

In April of 2013, I attended a one month trial membership at the FBBC in an attempt not only to learn about their programs, but to also identify my own weakness in my own personal training regime.  It was at this time that I was introduced to Alyssa as a trainer and I was immediately impressed with her knowledge base as a personal trainer.  As a result of the trial, I entered into a one year contract with the fitness company under the impression that Alyssa would be my trainer.

Over the course of the year (which is now complete) I was able to converse many times with her on a professional level with respect to my own abilities and goals.  Each and every time, I was rewarded with precise information directly pertaining to her observations, leaving me with closely curtailed training techniques that I will take with henceforth.

As a professional and athlete, my observation of her is that she is a technically correct highly motivated instructor that has the unique ability to offend no one.  The never ending smile is genuine, honest and it almost never leaves.  You cannot fake this, purchase this or learn this, it is her.

Having achieved my goals, I move onto my personal sport carrying many things that I can only attribute to my 13 months with this professional trainer.

Craig Creighton

~ Manager Naylor Systems

~ Vice Pres. Ontario Marathon Canoe Kayak

~ Racing Association



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