With Love from Janie Fowler

November 28, 2014

I have had the great pleasure of working out with Alyssa for close to two years now and I am not sure where to begin to say what it means to me to have her as a trainer. Do I tell you that it is because of what she has taught me about how to do the exercises, or why we do certain exercises, what muscles we are using and strengthening, how to build stamina and all about the technique? Or more about all the reasons I have learned to love and appreciate the amazing person she is and how she makes me feel and how I looking forward to coming to work out with her for her encouragement, motivation, & confidence.
I am a 55 year old grandmother (never really liked saying my age or getting older) but I have never felt better, had more energy and I love being a healthy active grandmother that can still climb the jungle gym, go for long walks, play in the snow with my grandkids. I do credit myself for being committed to my fitness but I have to credit Alyssa for being the reason behind my love for my fitness. I so love working out with her as my trainer as she pushes me to do better, she makes sure I am doing things right so I avoid injury, she explains what works and why. Her knowledge of her occupation is amazing and she is always learning more and teaching me more which keeps it all fresh and new.
I love how in life things and people come to you at the right time and I know this is the case with Alyssa and I am thankful for having had her come into my life and that she makes me want to be a better person and I think that is pretty much the biggest compliment you can give any one.
Thanks Alyssa, I love and appreciate you.
Jane Fowlertumblr_lwkhs0xZ8p1qg05oto1_500_large


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