Resolve to Evolve Testimonial

May 6, 2015

Please accept this as a glowing testimonial in relation to the Resolve to Evolve classes taught by Alyssa Huntley at 11:11 Full Circle Healing.

The first round was a clear eye opener that I am not alone in my struggles as a Mother, a career oriented person, a friend and most importantly as a woman!  The exercises and homework that Alyssa gives you makes you really think about yourself and your actions.

The second round is much more intense and I can tell you that it has helped me more in my daily life than any medication could.  I have bonded so much with other women in the class.  It is so comforting to know that there is a safe place to be honest and whole with no judgment.  Sometimes there are tears, definitely laughter, but you come away knowing more about yourself!

Thank you Alyssa for opening your doors and your heart!

Much love and gratitude


11:11 Full Circle Healing

11:11 Full Circle Healing


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