Well Done Deb ~ gradual successes

June 11, 2015

WAY TO GO Deb Corey Reeves!

Within less than 2 months of training with 11:11, Deb has lost 5 inches and 3 pounds, implementing active living, core conditioning and eliminating sugars from her diet.  She’s taken the holistic approach of gradual and sustaining weight loss, by listening to her body’s needs – no quick fixes or fast weight loss plans, but steady day by day life style change.  She has chosen to view exercise as a higher path to produce a healthier lifestyle, more mobility in her body, improve her overall energy, and bring about good health and wellbeing. She is building her body up, by fueling herself wisely, doing specialized training and incorporating daily movement she enjoys.  Her strength has more than doubled in her recent fitness testing since the first day she came, and we couldn’t be more proud of her amazing dedication and results. We at 11:11 applaude Deb for her committed to her developmental program, that moves her into her best health daily, keeps her inspired and brings steady lifelong wellness.



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