Incorporate some YOGA MONKEY (kids) moves into your home life and play

June 12, 2015

Incorporate some Yoga Monkey moves into your home life:

* Begin by lying on your belly and imagining that you are a baby snake, keeping your legs and feet close together

* Rest your head on the floor for a moment and close your eyes

* Breathe in through your nose slowly, and then breathe out

* On your next exhale (breath out) slowly begin to lift your head and chest up, gently arching your upper and middle back, be careful it doesn’t all curve in the low back)

* Breathe in and out here, and look around like you are a baby snake

* Using your hands, if it feels okay in your back, you can begin to gentle press your palms into the floor, hands lined up under your shoulders, bringing the arms to a straight position without locking the elbows.

* Keep the shoulders down low and allow for a long snake neck

* Keep breathing naturally and when ready lower back down again

* Repeat a few times, and maybe make a story about it…what does the baby snake see every time it lifts it’s head? — Mom,dad, siblings and friends can act out what it sees and then you can switch roles.

* Also, see if baby snakes can crawl like this around the room, or make some hissing sounds — who can hiss the longest, the loudest, the quietest…?

Be creative and have fun!

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YOGA MONKEY – at home moves to try with your kids


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