REAL results! program.

December 27, 2015

Looking for RESULTS that last and an ENJOYABLE, sustainable weight loss and health solutions?

Join the revolution!

eleven:eleven doesn’t just help you lose weight short term (only to gain it back when the “program/challenge” is over) – We give you AWESOME results, and an incredible experience that changes your life and make sustaining you results automatic – yes AUTOMATIC.

We want you to get your results, ….and keep them.  And we guarantee RESULTS THAT LAST and are truly high end.

Any trainer can “BEAST MODE” you into into shape. They can prescribe you intense fitness regimes with extra exercises, detoxes, low carb diets and fasting, and 2 months later you look in the mirror and think “Wow I look amazing.” … Then reality sets in, and you realize, that what you had to do to get these results was awful, pain-filled, time intensive and hard on your body (digestive and nervous system) and not something you really want to repeat or live all the time.  So what happens?   You regresses back into the behaviours and thought patterns you had before: never truly learning, nor truly changing, but rather, having only agreed to ‘pay the price’ short term to get what you want.

Ask yourself: “What would life be like, if I continue paying the price at this level?”
Would it feel good?  Or feel awful?
And believe me, you are not the only one who thinks it’s awful!

My clients, all tell me, that they would rather have an experience that allows them to KEEP their results FOR LIFE, rather than do a short term program that got them results, but that they end up having to do over and over to keep their results.

This program allows you to be the real WINNER, the one who gets to KEEP their ‘trophy’ (results), rather than a continuous contestant, who either continuously FEARS losing their results or ACTUALLY loses them, and gains their weight back.

I don’t sell a “quick fix”even though, by most people’s standards, the results my clients get are quite time effective. What  you  actually purchase is “lasting change” that you will actually enjoy.

Ask yourself, what would you rather buy:
..quick results created by doing the unsustainable,
…or progression with life long LASTING results?

Decide your destiny
~ contact us today and make the change you have always desired



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