Here We Grow Again

May 21, 2016

Evolution……Change……Personal Growth…..

…it’s a passion of mine;
living MY TRUTH……….

So….. here we “grow” again…


For many years Fitness and Yoga, have been a huge part of my life and business, and still will continue to be…BUT I’m CHANGING ….(read on to hear more)

Life is guiding me in a more powerful direction…there is far MORE I am here to do…

My purpose is becoming clearer ~ and bigger!!
..and it’s feeling REALLY EXCITING!


Now don’t get me wrong, I create amazing fitness and weight loss results, but I just don’t feel like “weight loss” is my real work, or purpose here on Earth; I’m drawn to something far more deep and meaningful.

You see, I know that fitness and weight loss are only the very tip of the iceberg, so, if I am going to deliver a truly life altering extraordinary service to my clientele, I can’t hold back any longer!


I believe that each person is unique, and that we all have challenges that are unique to our own lives, past experiences, bodies, thought patterns, and so forth… and I believe that each of us also has a unique solution to resolving and healing ourselves;  We simply do not all fit into a “one size fits all” box, nor does weight loss truly resolve what is really going on on the inside.


You see, I believe that the “real work” happens on the inside, through healing our hearts and minds, and not just through our outer bodies attaining a certain shape.  And so to me, the idea of just forming a workout for someone, or a class, (or a body) is not what truly honors my deep core beliefs and values, it would only be a fraction of what I know is my true purpose.


So, I’m changing…
I’m evolving.

I live what I speak, by my own values, and what I am most passionate about sharing with the World.

It is my purpose; it’s simply WHY I am here.

So, I’m tailoring my business to let ME shine through even MORE…

…to make MORE of an IMPACT…



…to end up where I WANT to end up…


…and to HELP YOU, be MORE of what YOU WANT to BE…

…and to HELP YOU deeply heal – and alleviate your pains that hold you back, so YOU can BE more FULLY ALIVE, JOYFUL, SUCCESSFUL..and LIVE a LIFE ALIGNED with YOUR DREAMS too!!


I’m simply done playing by anyone else’s rule book……I’m done with frustration……I’m done with only giving a portion of what I really have to give.

And, I’m ready to do what seldom people actually do: to live my life’s purpose.

And from this point forward, I fully embrace this WHOLENESS of my TRUTH, to guide me in every interaction and relationship I have.

I am ready to align myself with the greatest vision I have of who I am and who I can be…without holding back…and to help YOU do the same.


So from here forward, you shall see me, in person, on facebook, in newsletters and with my clients working in ways that put this purpose at the very center of all actions and thoughts.
This means, my business embodies a very soul-full core of heart centered living, neuro-linguistic communication, hypno-therapy, holistic nutrition, movement therapy like working-out and working-in, and personal empowerment success strategies and lifestyle choices, that bring YOU to your HIGHEST VISION of WHO you are and HOW you WANT to SUCCEED…
and it feels AMAZING!


I’m bring it all together, to make every single interaction deeply meaningful.

And so, I invite you…. to awaken with me, to become fearless and see yourself more clearly than ever…and turn your attention back towards YOU, not just your body, but ALL OF YOU – your HEART, your MIND, your SPIRIT and your BODY.

After all, this IS YOUR LIFE, your amazing journey… and you get to make your own rule book too.

Day in and day out, be with those whom you want to be with, when you want to be with them, do what you love to do, and make the profit you are worth.

….Just as 11:11 is built around me and my growth, make your journey all about YOU and YOUR GROWTH.

Water the seeds of your mind…of your heart, and your soul….
Join me,

You are so very worth it!


Love and light

~ Alyssa




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