Power of Thought

May 21, 2016

How we live is important, particularity at the level of the mind. Every time you are conscious of your thoughts, you have the power to create your future and build a better, happier life, one of awareness and joy.

The more you become aware of your thought patterns and unconscious beliefs, the more you begin to have the ability to re-set your path in the direction of your choosing..rather than being unconscious at the wheel, and struggling.

You may find yourself caught in old destructive patterns, habits, addictions, self talk, or limited abilities… and in reality these are all just limits of the mind..and how you use the mind – there IS a way out …and a way UP.

The way is your willingness to look, to venture to the source of where these patterns began…to find the nugget of positive intention they hold, and then move forward with that good intention intact, leaving the un-healthy pattern behind.
In coaching and NLP, that is exactly what I help you to do.

If you are ready to sow the seeds for a better future, and cultivate a positive and free, awakened mind, then the time is now – to do something new, something fresh…and co-create an amazing tomorrow.

Set your appointment today.

Love and light
~ Alyssa2dc6949702022d83596bd31ab5895005


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