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May 21, 2016

So how is it going …. ………….really?
Some simple yes and no questions …to check in with how much you are loving your life… …or not?
Ever notice that we often respond the same day in day out, without even thinking or feeling our answer? “How are you doing?”….. ….”I’m good” or “Good-and-you” like it’s an automated one word response. …but in all honesty, do you ever stop and ask your self “how am I really“? If I was actually honest with myself…..
Day to day we hear a lot of people complaining about their work, their boss, their partner, their health, their body, their money situation, etc. And I think to myself… WOW life’s not meant to be that way.
You see, my view of the World is that when you feel discontentment – that’s an opportunity to make change and shift your energy, so you create a life you truly are happy in.
So, let’s make this simple; Here’s a simple yes or no test; for you to be able to give yourself an honest overview of how happy you are in the life now – (and at the same time, create possibility for you to get what you really want)
So… let’s begin; Answer simply with YES or NO
Are you currently happy in your job? YES/NO
Does it honour your values and beliefs, and give you a sense of respect? YES/NO
Do the people who are in your life the most bring out the best in you, inspire you, and deeply care? YES/NO
Is home life exciting and fulfilling? YES/NO
Do you feel you are fulfilling your highest purpose? YES/NO
Do you spend your days doing what you’ve always wanted to be doing? YES/NO
How you want to be doing it… YES/NO
With whom you want to be doing it… YES/NO
and When you want to be doing it… YES/NO
……….If you are getting any NO responses, let’s look at that;
You see, each of us VOTES with our time, energy and money with the choices we make to create our life. .. in the scenarios above, the more often you are answering NO, the more you are not living in alignment with yourself.
And when you are out of alignment with who you are, how is it possible for you to have what you really want?
As your NO answers mount, you may find yourself: …working harder and longer for less and less money … surrounded by people who bring your energy down, push your buttons, lack respect or create drama…. …you may even find you feel burnt out, uninspired, unhealthy, unmotivated, and wondering “what the heck happened?”…. and the spiral once started can go downward fast…
So………… here’s where the opportunity comes in:
Take a good look at your life and honestly ask yourself: “Am I truly happy with where I am, and are my choice working for me?” YES/NO
If the NO answers are piling up…. If you’re feeling like your life is less that what you want it to be in ANY respect….
Then it’s time: …..TIME to shift your thinking… and take the power back by taking action.
I would LOVE to hear your responses ~ Please email me back with your responses and action steps about what you are going to do about it. And remember this awesome quote “You are closer than you think, to living your dream, it’s only a few steps away……. but if you never actually take those steps it might as well be one million miles away.”
As well, if you are feeling ready – and I mean really ready to make serious change and never look back… I invite you to join me in my next 10 week 1:1 Standing In My Own Power Series of coaching. This in depth 1:1 coaching experience will take you into the depths of who you are and what you believe, for deep healing… physical, energetic and mental renewal, health and joy.
Imagine having …more freedom… …more confidence… …more money… ….more fun… ..and having your YES answers ringing loudly, as you joyfully create the life you are meant to live.
If you are ready to live your life to the fullest…. YES …then message me today.
There are only 12 spaces available (and you must apply)… so please let me know ASAP, if you intend to be one of them, and create a life full of passion, purpose and personal power! 1:1 Standing In My Own Power sessions will commence May 25th and run 10 weeks time, with weekly personal development appointments.
You matter deeply…. ~ your coach Alyssafeel good program

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