Listen to your pain teacher

November 21, 2016

Our darkness is truly a gift….
Do not look at your challenges and troubles as something wrong with yourself.
Let them become a guiding light, into where you can love yourself more and nurture your own soul, needs and wisdom.

Sometimes we get clogged by overuse of negative thoughts, energy, food, relationships, stress and so forth;

Your darkness and challenge is your body’s way of asking for you to stop ignoring, and find relief.
It’s time for a detoxification of mind and body.

If your energy is in a slump, your degree of joy for life lacking…
you can let go of the past, you can step into today and start strong…right NOW.

If you are hearing this message, let it be a sign to you, begin to make a new path.

Connect to the root, connect to the source of your pain and of your healing. There is grace and wisdom there, power that can transform.

Don’t allow yourself to waiver any longer…

~ Alyssa


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