What to do when you’re “Just not happy”

November 21, 2016

Happiness is a personal journey…..
It’s about showing up in the world as your most purposeful and authentic self ~ being the very BEST version of YOU.

Sounds simple right…”just be me and I’ll be happy”….
…though simple doesn’t always mean easy….

As we know anxiety is on the rise, stress is everywhere….
…we’re doing more than ever, are busier than ever….yet feel overwhelmed with work and life….and underwhelmed with joy.
Something is not adding up for millions of people.

Stress and unhappiness are an epidemic!
And it’s causing disease, divorce, obesity, anger, addiction, depression…etc.

I believe that every person has the right to happiness
….and I believe that each person is worthy of a peaceful, joy-filled life.


Having a peaceful life, truly comes from knowing who you are, on a really deep level.

If we don’t truly know who we are, what we believe, what we stand for, what our passions are or life purpose is…. how are we supposed to make any choices that will lead us to our dream life.
A whole lot of use are just “getting by” and “making ends meet” but not LOVING LIFE!

So let’s take a quick little peak into what’s holding you back:

1.) You haven’t mastered setting boundaries and saying no.
~ So the things you are doing day in and day out, may not align with who you really are, or what you believe…and your spending a whole lot of your day’s energy and time on them…..
….maybe ask yourself “What is the cost of me saying yes to XYZ”…..and if I’m saying yes to XYZ, what does that mean I’m saying no to for me”

2.) You fear judgement from others.
~ Do you base decisions on how you think others will react?
~ Do you look outward to see what others are doing and base your choices on theirs?
When we look outward rather than inward, we get pulled out of alignment with who we really are, and we give away our personal power…
…..and this causes a huge amount of inner frustration, resentment, lack of motivation, creates self sabotage and disease…etc.

3.) You don’t love what you spend your days doing.
~ Let me ask you this…in 100% honesty:
Do you love your job?  I mean for real real real real…would you do it even if you didn’t get paid…truly love it that much?

I believe life is meant to fulfill us, and that each one of us has a MAGIC that is truly unique to who we are…I also believe that it is our purpose in life to share this gift, and that’s what our jobs should be.
When we live through our own magic, we are living out love in action.

4.) You don’t fully believe in yourself.
~ Not believing in yourself is one of the hardest places to be.
It’s like living a life half numb, acting our the motions, but never really “Sinking in”..never really feeling ALIVE.
And when you’re living a life only semi-engaged, no one is getting what they really need… your not, your spouse, your kids, your work … and everything starts to slip… self esteem slips more, relationships take a hard knocks, sales dwindle, weight rises, stress rises…and things spiral down, until your waking up with little purpose, little care, just going through the motions again…and barely enjoying the ride.
Life’s not meant to be that way….
It’s supposed to be full of life, love, laughter, passion, purpose, drive, excitement!!!

Give yourself a rattle and wake up ~ YOU are AWESOME and have Brilliant Potential!

5.) You don’t trust the World.
~ Maybe you’re not certain that it will support you to do what you really want to do.
~ Maybe you’re not sure you deserve it?  Or that people will follow you, or believe in you..
~ Maybe you think that success is hard?  Or that you’ve got to work to the bone to ever get anywhere….
And guess what:
You’ll get what you ask for in this world….
If you don’t trust it, you won’t get the trust you seek….
If you don’t think you deserve it…. then it’s not coming…..
If you fear not being followed…then you won’t be….
If you think success is hard…. it’s going to be a very steep climb.

We get what we believe….
so if your beliefs are based on fear or not enough-ness in any way, make a shift and your world will open up.

If you find that some of the above resonates then let’s do some work together.
This is   just a minor breakdown of some of the things I look at with my clients, in co-creating a better life for them.
~ We go deep…. we answer the hard questions, we find what needs attention and care, and create pathways and strategies that make your success, happiness and life joy filled!

Love to hear your answers.
Please connect.



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