Sharing Healthy Concepts

November 28, 2016

Good morning friends,

Ever notice how when you are excited about your new healthy lifestyle and ways of living, that your enthusiasm doesn’t always rub off on everyone else?
In fact, some people can actually feel defensive or threatened by your excitement, feeling like they are being judged…even though that may not be at all where you are coming from.

So today I want to share some ideas, on how to share your healthy ideas without causing others to get their backs up, so that they can actually listen and maybe even be inspired like you hope.

~ Let them know what is working for you, may not be for everyone (this allows them to come to any conclusions about themselves on their own)

~ Share any tips as stories; how your own experience has been and methods that have helped you.

~ Find out what their dreams are, and what their challenges are that are in their way, then let them know how your actions helped you get to where you wanted to more efficiently.

Hope this can help when talking to friends and family.
Love and light




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