1.) Challenge Yourself
Don’t get into a comfortable workout routine. The only way you can change the way your body looks and functions, is to vary your training. Aim to change up your workout every 4 weeks. And make your routines challenging, it’s not meant to be easy 😉

2.) Stick to the Plan
You can have the best plan for eating and exercise in front of you, but if you don’t take action and stick with it, you will not succeed. Be sure to get your workouts in when scheduled, and eat what you have planned.

3.) Get a Coach
Hire a coach to help you see what you might be overlooking, and help keep you motivated and accountable. There is nothing like having someone else to report your progress to (or lack there of). Meeting with your coach at least once a week, is a sure fire way to make your goals reality.

For coaching, nutrition and fitness please contact Alyssa Huntley



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push ups 11:11 tips