We all have busy lives and sometimes don’t have the time to make ourselves the best meals, or are eating on the fly; here’s a few tips and ideas to help keep your body balanced, clean and vibrant!

Foods to take with you On the Go:

* in zip lock baggies, put single serving sizes of …raw nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, prunes, rasins, walnuts, shaved coconut, figs, dates – etc.

* zip lock bags are also great for… fresh fruits and veg – grapes, orange segments, pineapple chunks, mango slices etc.  Or cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, orange pepper slices, fresh peas, even sprouts are great!

What to Order at a Restaurant:

* Go for grilled, poached, broiled or stir fried (with minimal oil) and side-step deep fried.

* Ask for whole grain, and an olive oil/balsamic dip rather than butter or cheeses on breads.

* Have a salad as an appetizer

* If choosing a pasta, have a tomato, veggie or olive oil sauce sauce rather than a cheese sauce.

*Have extra vegetables, rather than potatoes, pasta or rice when having a meat or fish meal

* When possible go for a whole grain wrap/pita, with plenty of fresh and roasted vegetables, and possibly seeds, chick peas, lentils etc.. (not fried)  See sauce notes above 🙂  Djion is also a great option!

* Vegetable soups, nori rice & veg wraps are also a nice option when available, as well as fresh fruit cups – and real (blended in front of you) smoothies.

Cheers to your health and making wise decisions for your body, mind and spirit!



11:11 life styling nutrition tips on the go

Exercising while on holidays, will help keep you feeling good, mentally and physically;  it helps you to de-stress, unwind and not judge yourself too harshly if your eating patterns change a bit for your regular routine.

Here’s a well-rounded at-home do-it-yourself program that’ll keep you moving and motivated… I’ll aim to add a new one every few days, until classes start again, and you can join me! (Please see web page for class details http://www.eleveneleven-coaching.com)  This program will be about an hour in length, so pick and choose what you like, if time is limited.

Equipment needed:

Water, good shoes/boots, a chair, a mat/towel or blanket or soft spot on the carpet.


Start out with a brisk walk outdoors for 10 minutes (and take a friend or family mermber if possible)

11:11 at home routine for the holidays (t-stance image)

CAUTION on ice and snow!  Please stay on sidewalks!

Work Out:

Start to run a block, then walk a block, then try 15 jumping jacks….. – run – walk – jacks, run – walk – jacks … etc…. if you’re feeling ambitious, sprint instead of just running.  Continue for 20 minutes.  (You can do this inside as well if you have a treadmill or elliptical…go about 2 minutes of  each run/walk, get off treadmill and jack)

Cardio Cooldown: 

Briskly walk a block or two about 5 minutes, adding 4 walking lunges at every telephone pole.  (watch knee does not exceed foot on front leg, as you lower into your lunges..hint, go for big strides)

Muscle Strengthening: 

* Indoors or Outdoors, alternate push-ups (your choice) with a t-stance (side plank ….see image), ratio:  10:10  ~ Push Up:Second Hold T-Stance.    Do 3 times per side.

For more Advanced: From the toes and hand

For Beginners: From knees and elbow 

*  Jump Squats: Regular squats.  Ratio 10:10.  Do 3 sets.

For more advanced: 15:5 ratio – 3 sets

For Beginners: omit jump, and do 1/2 the reps

*  Get Up – Get Down… you know…the one you LOVE…..  all the way to lying on the floor, then all the way up to standing.  When tucking the leg under to get up, alternate which leg and arm you use to help  (message me if you need more info on this one)

For more advanced:  try for no arm assistance at all if you can

For beginners, try it out…do as many as you can – use your hands to help as much as needed.

* Prone Opposition – lying down on your front, and raising opposite arm and leg.  Switch each rep, right arm – left leg, left arm – right leg.  See about pulling up your navel as far away from the ground as possible.

For advanced: hover in a table top position, from hands and feet, with your knees 2 fingers width away from the floor, engage your abs, and give it a go!

For Beginners: rest down on your front, being sure to keep your head and neck supported and resting as the arms and legs move.

Caution if spinal or neck problems or sensitivities.

This should take about 20 minutes.


Stretch out your major muscle groups holding at least 20 seconds:

* hamstring (back of your thigh) … seated with legs extended to the front of you, lean forward as much as it feels comfortable – breathe and relax.

* quadricep (front of thigh) … standing, bend one knee, drawing your foot up towards your bottom, take your foot in your hand, bring thighs together, so the knee cap points down.  Reapeat on other side

* erector spinae (all along your back)… cat pose

* lattimus dorsi  …go into downward dog, with hands on an elevated surface..pulling back slightly with your body weight

* Pectoralis Major (your chest) … standing come up close to the wall, facing inward, extend 1 arm out straight at shoulder height, rest your whole arm, from shoulder to hand on the wall (get in close, close, close), then turn your torso away from the arm – so your arm is flexed back, and open on the front.   Do on the other side.  (If that sounds far too confusing, just bring your arms back and wide as far as you can, palms forward facing.)

About 5 minutes.

Take a few nice deep breaths, thank yourself for the amazing workout you just did, and if you feel any other areas need a bit more of a stretch, please do add them in..i.e. calves, hip flexors, shins, bicep, tricep, abs.  Instinctively if you feel tight anywhere, open up that area, by moving the corresponding joint in the opposite direction, to add length to the tight area.

Hope you had a great workout, and a super holiday!

Alyssa Huntley

11:11 Life Styling

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11:11 Lindsay Life Styling Alyssa Huntley

11:11 Life Styling - Deep Healing and True Happiness - 2 month plan

Often times it is ourselves that keep a negative or hurtful experience alive and continuing, even long after the event itself is over. For many of us it’s common to hang onto past pains and wrong doings and remain stuck in those feelings. What often we do not realize, is that we ourselves are the only ones responsible for creating that hurt, in the present moment. That also means that we have a choice to stop creating that pain, and choose to let it go and free ourselves.

balloon meditation - 11:11 Life styling

set yourself free 11:11 life styling

Letting go of fear, guilt and pain.

Using creative visualization, envision placing all of your fears, guilt and pain regarding a certain situation into a garbage can.

Attach big strong helium-filled balloons to the can.

On the balloons, envision writing; “I am free”, & “I let go”.

Watch as the balloons lift the garbage can up off the ground, and carry it off and away, and disappears into the sky, taking with it your fear, guilt and pain, and leaving you light and free.

Notice how much lighter you feel.

Just Be….