1.)  Act Like You Already are GOLDEN!

Act as though you already are everything you always wanted to be fitness and health wise.    If you already were super-buff, svelt and uber sexy, how would you behave?  What would you be doing, to be that way and look that way?  ….Well, be that now, do those things now.  Does your super-fit-you go to boot-camp 3 times a week, have a at-home personal training session once a week, and maybe get in a yoga class or two?   Act like you already are golden-sun-kissed-fit, and before you know it – SHA-BAM, that future you is you!

2.) Think About Your Worst Case Scenario

Think about in detail, your absolute worst case fitness and health scenario….  perhaps sitting at home on the couch, bloated obese, body in pain, breathing is difficult, heart is working-over-time just for you to be alive, having to wear mumu’s or pants in outrageous numbers, body image so low, you can’t stand to look at your self……yikes -Get me out of this night-mare.    Looking at the very worst of what could occur if you totally fell off the fitness wagon, is a pretty snappy way to hop-the-heck back on.  It’ll scare the bee-jeebers out of you, and make you think again about skipping a class, or whether, saving a bit of extra cash is really worth not signing up for a session.    Now I’m not trying to be harsh here, I know we’de still be absolutely lovely human beings…no matter how we look…but think about how it would feel if that were you….                                      ……now think of that golden future you…..                                         which would feel better?                       I know what scenario I’m choosing!

3.)  Pick a Fabulous Fitness Professional 

To keep you going, motivated and moving forward, you want to find a fitness professional you can gel with.   You want someone, firstly, who is QUALIFIED!  Certified, and well versed in Fitness, Health and Nutrition., and who stays current and keeps things fresh and up to date.  Secondly, you want a trainer who’s on the same wave length as you…. Do you want a hard-core boot-camp to sculpt and drill you into fitness?  Do you want a dance-type instructor, who makes fitness feel like play?  Do you need Yoga to de-stress and let go of anxiety and tension?  Do you want choreography?  Do you want weights?  Do you want one-on-one, or partner workouts?  What is it YOU want?  What do you feel you need?  Hiring and working with a qualified fitness professional, lets you sleep better at night, knowing that your in good hands, safe from injury, and moving towards your goals.    Ahhhhh…… Bonne-nuit.

4.) Remember WHY Your Here and WHAT You Want.

Write your goals, and why they are important to you, on your mirror, laminate it and carry it in your wallet, paint it and frame it on your wall, (or like we did at Christmas – hang it on your tree)  put it in a locket….     Put it where ever you will see it often – keep it at the forefront of your mind to keep you focused and determined to succeed.

5.)  Put Your Support Group on Speed Dial

Your mom, your sis, your BFF, your trainer, your fitness buddies… keep them on track with your fitness and health goals, and call them up when your feeling a little over-whelmed, un-inspired, lazy, tired, down in the dumps, frumpy and grumpy…etc… sometimes we need someone to pick us up, or kick our asses- and say GET OUT THERRE, and Just Do It.   Also these are your peeps you want to CELEBRATE with when you finish your first month of boot camp, or drop 2 dress sizes, or have eaten clean a full month – share your success also with the one’s who love you and support you!  – – – That’s the real juicy good stuff.

6.) Get a Just-For-The-Fun-of-It Fitness Hobby

Hobbies keep you enjoying the moment, free, fun, joyous and maybe even a bit silly….  What physical activities do you love (and, yes….the obvious does count – – you sassy girls….)  What physical activities, make your heart sing?  What make your heart skip a beat with excitement?  What lets you forget about everything else and purely enjoy the moment?……. maybe a sport…. maybe swimming….. maybe ping-pong or other child-hood games…. maybe it’s even wii fit….  whatever it is, let go of the “fitness concept” in your brain, turn it off, and just enjoy feeling your body move….wow – we’re made so brilliantly!

7.)   Look Into Your Future

No crystal ball required….. just ask yourself the question “100 years from now, will this have mattered?”  …. Or to make it maybe easier to grasp “In 1 year will this matter?”  …… Is it leaving a legacy?  What am I teaching my children?  What am I doing for preventative medicine and health long term?  Am I elevating my life?  Does it help to elevate others lives?    Is it important to me?   How will I feel 1 year from now? How will I feel 3 years from now?  How will I feel as an older woman?  What difference will it make in my life..and in the life of those who love me?

Shine on Darlings….in health, fitness and natural living

Alyssa Huntley



 7 fitness tips 11:11 blog

Shine, little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer

Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer!

Lead us lest too far we wander.

Love’s sweet voice is calling yonder!

Shine, little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer

Shine, little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer

Light the path below, above,

And lead us on to love.

This is a vegan recipe – I think you’ll enjoy.  It’s super tasty….

I’ll be serving some with Yogi Tea tonight after BFF (Bring a Friend to Fitness FREE) Classes tonight.  (January 30th 2012)

Bootcamp 5:30-6:30pm

Yoga 7:00-8:30pm

Here’s the recipe:

4 cups kamut flour

1 1/4 cups unrefined sugar

2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

3/4 cups poppy seeds

zest of 3 lemons

 juice of 3 lemons

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup sunflower oil

1 tbsp pure vanilla extract

1 cup pure filtered water

Oil a 9 x 5 inch loaf pan.    Turn on oven to 350.

In a large mixing bowl, combine together kamut flour, sugar, baking soda and baking powder, salt, poppy seeds, and zest of lemons.

In a smaller mixing bowl, combine lemon juice, almond milk, oil, vanilla and water.

Mix all together, and pour into pre-greased loaf pan.11:11 life styling blog vegan cake

Bake about 1 hour, or until a tooth pick inserted in the center, comes out clean.


Yours in health,  fitness and natural living,

Alyssa Huntley


Evolution – Resolution

January 2, 2012

My ideas for my new year


Less Coffee ~ More Water

Deep Breathing ~ Release Tension

Be Grounded ~ Settle In ~  Sit with my Fears (rather than run & avoid & deny)

Smile,  Smile and Smile some more

Exercise like my life depends on it (it does)

Be mindful, aware and awake


Settle into the moment, whatever that may be




……wish me luck and perseverance & I the same wishes for you.

Happy New Year 2012

Alyssa11:11 new years resolutions



Dear 11:11 Fitness Friends and Family


What an amazing year this year has been – and what an AMAZING, OUTSTANDING & JAW-DROPPING performance you have put on.  Well done!  You were focused, determined and look at the payoff!


I feel so grateful and blessed to get to work with such a dedicated and hard working group of life-loving guys and gals! You truly bring joy into my daily life!  Thank you so much for being you, and choosing me to work with.


I have watched you train really hard this year, build strength, confidence and skill….make lasting friendships, support each other and push until you can’t push anymore…..and your results have been mind blowing.  We’ve had envyable weight loss,  inches lost and toning,  raving doctor health reviews, peolpe feeling/being healthier than they have ever been – and you are responsible for it all.  You are the ones that made it happen, and did the hard work (even in the snow and rain, and hot hot heat) and look at how great you look and feel for it!  Way to go – you are UNSTOPPABLE!


You ROCKED 2011!!

You CAN do anything!


With that in mind, I offer you a 2012 fitness and health challenge:

How could you raise the bar for yourslef?  and What might just happen if you did?…..


For example:

Could you attend one more bootcamp class a week, than you are now?

Could you add a yoga class to your routine to help create more balance?

What might a 1/2 hour monthly nutrition coaching call help you maintain?

…and just where will you be by the end of 2012 if you did add that extra class or get the nutrition coaching

…..how might you look, feel and act?


I’m so excited to be moving into 2012 with such a great group of fitness family and friends.

Hugs, blessings

…and unlimited gratitude,


Alyssa Huntley


 11:11 life Styling says thanks

Are you ready for a shift?

Feeling unsettled and wanting peace of mind?


Would you like some assistance to heal? It’s here, it’s come to you -the solutions you’ve been asking for – to help make your life easier, happier and satisfying.


“Deep Healing & True Happiness” is a 2 month personal program, of rejuvenation exercises, and personal coaching via telephone and email. Weekly 1/2 hour telephone calls, set you moving forward towards happiness and releasing negativity. You’ll gain strategies for building supportive beliefs and learn methods of nurturing yourself.


The time for change is upon us…and you have been looking for for answers… here they are….


cost: $357.99





This program can begin at any time..you are ready – make the call – make the change you’re ready for, you deserve your best



Alyssa Huntley

Certified Life Coach Level1&2

INLPTA certified NLP practitioner (change therapy)

11:11 Lindsay Life Styling Alyssa Huntley

11:11 Life Styling - Deep Healing and True Happiness - 2 month plan

11:11 Life Styling, Small Group Personal Training for Women

The best way to get motivated and restore balance in your life!

Small Group Personal Training is the most effective ways to get in shape and stay motivated! This class combines the the motivational advantage of working with a professional trainer, with the social element of of group exercise & is a proven strategy for fun and effectiveness.

Certified Personal Trainer, Alyssa Huntley, ensures that your exercise program is balanced, safe and effective; plus provides a variety of exercises and activities.

Small Group Training allows you to interact with others who have similar goals to achieve a common outcome together. Your group will build a strong relationship, in which you support and encourage each other. This class is for 4 people at a time, so you get plenty of individual attention.

To really propel your success, we’ve incorporated Life Style Coaching, Goal Attainment Coaching and Nutritional Education, in every session; providing structure, supervision and accountability.

Valued at over $1000.00 in training, coaching and nutrition;

this incredible class is now only $360.00 per participant, when you register by October 21st, 2011.

Any registered after, for a fee of $500.

If this class could benefit you, and make it easier for you to attain you goal (and you will), then sign up today elevn_eleven@sympatico.ca or 705-340-5530 – remember this class is limited, so register now, as it will fill rapidly.

Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-8:00p.m.

Commencing November 2nd. 2011

11:11 Small Group Personal Training includes:

  • 2 classes a week, that are 1 ½ hours long.
  • 1 hour of personalized small group training – specific to your goals
  • ½ hour of life coaching, goal setting, nutrition and life style planning with Nathan and Alyssa Huntley

11:11 gives you the best in:

  • personal training
  • fitness leadership
  • life coaching & goal attainment
  • nutrition & wellness
  • motivation, support and accountability

Classes are held at: 112 Orchard Park Road Lindsay. (corner of Orchard Park and Sanderling Cresc.)


Alyssa Huntley

Owner 11:11 Life Styling

Can Fit Pro Certified, Fitness Trainer Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer Specialist,

Fitness Unlimited Certified Life Coach,

International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training Association (INLPTA) Certified NLP Practitioner

First Aid and CPR Certified



Creativity as a Healer

March 23, 2010

Expressing your creativity can boost your well-being and improve your health.

Creativity is an ability that we all posses. Some people are more in touch with their creative side, and others perhaps not so much. Though some may not feel they are overly creative, that resource is still there, and perhaps it is a matter of acknowledging what that is. Being creative does not only mean that one paints, carves, or creates music. Creativity can be expressed in a multitude of ways; it may be through writing, dance, gardening, building, sport or cultivation of ideas and strategies, and an abundance of other expressions. Creativity is not limited, it can be expressed in whatever way you wish.

Creative expression is healing. It’s a way for many to release emotions that may be pent up or unacknowledged. It can provide a safe outlet for our anger, sadness or hurt (any emotions that may feel hard to express openly). Or in contrast, a wonderful way to express love and gratitude…and even passions and desires. Creativity is a way to acknowledge our feelings, feel them through, express them and let them go. When one holds onto difficult emotions, it can cause disease. Any dis-ease in the mind manifests itself into disease in the body. I am a believer that we create our own disease, and illness, through the dis-ease and baggage that we carry, and refuse to release. Thus by expressing ourselves either verbally or creatively, we allow these feelings and thoughts to run their natural course, and to move through us, rather than festering them within.

As you move through your creative expression(s), allow yourself to experience them fully. Be in the emotions as they arise, and let the sensations flow through you, and from you into your work(s). For, it is within those moments, that you are truly healing, accepting and allowing life to flow as it may, without trying to control or manipulate any aspect of it. By allowing the flow of these feelings, all blocking, resistance, hiding or clinging ceases, and what remains in it’s absence is freedom: Freedom to be exactly as you are, feel whatever way you feel, and express in whatever way you uniquely express, and as the allowing continues, the healing element occurs, and the dis-ease dissipates naturally, returning your mind (and body) to it’s natural, healthy state.

Creative expressions do not need to be works of perfection, or as our mind delegates. We don’t have to get it right at all, just get it going. Allow your intuition to guide you, and listen to your gut feelings and your heart. Where possible release yourself from the confines of your intellect, and allow your body to become a vessel for your creativity to flow through. Aim not to judge or criticize your works, for it is a masterpiece in of itself. As with art, and in life, it is the journey that is of importance, not so much the end result. Thus, when your work is completed, marvel at the imperfections, and appreciate them as they are. With many extraordinary pieces of art, it can often be the imperfections that touch our heart, the most. For example, in the song Fake Plastic Trees, by Radiohead, it is the quivering and cracks within his voice, that are powerful and touch one’s soul, not the fact that each note may be perfectly in place. It is the pure expression of emotion that connects us, and when it resonates with the audience, it can also commence the healing within them as well.

You may wish to share your work(s) and expression(s) with others or you may wish to keep them for your own. Through sharing, our creations can serve as a mirror for others, for in the event that it resonates with them, they become aware of what emotions are within, and the opportunity is presented for them to look upon that aspect within themselves, and if they choose, to heal. You may also like to keep your works for yourself, and that is a personal choice, for it was created in essence for you, by you, and again it is not the end result that is necessarily the most important aspect. You will know what you prefer and why.

Creative expression is really about being in touch with yourself, your emotions, illusions, truth, or any aspect pertaining to where you are right now at this very moment in your life, and any time, we connect to that, and acknowledge ourselves, we heal.


Alyssa11:11 creativity as a Healer