Alyssa Huntley is much more than just a personal trainer.

Her kind hearted spirit has motivated me to eat healthier, run longer, and be a better person. I stumbled across eleven eleven fitness through a dear friend of mine on facebook.   I was in the market for a flexible program that would cater to my busy schedule, someone who truly understood my body and who genuinely cared about my personal goals!   Alyssa was my perfect match.   Since joining in January, I’ve lost 12 pounds, a wack of inches and can honestly say I’ve never felt better!
Alyssa’s program not only sparked a fire deep within myself to make a healthy lifestyle change, but it also sparked a friendship between the two of us.   I’m a firm believer that the law of attraction is the “Secret” to life, and I’m blessed that I was lead her way.

Advice from a tree… Stand tall and proud…sink your roots into the earth… be content with your natural beauty…go out on a limb…drink plenty of water…remember your roots – and enjoy the view!


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We all have busy lives and sometimes don’t have the time to make ourselves the best meals, or are eating on the fly; here’s a few tips and ideas to help keep your body balanced, clean and vibrant!

Foods to take with you On the Go:

* in zip lock baggies, put single serving sizes of …raw nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, prunes, rasins, walnuts, shaved coconut, figs, dates – etc.

* zip lock bags are also great for… fresh fruits and veg – grapes, orange segments, pineapple chunks, mango slices etc.  Or cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, orange pepper slices, fresh peas, even sprouts are great!

What to Order at a Restaurant:

* Go for grilled, poached, broiled or stir fried (with minimal oil) and side-step deep fried.

* Ask for whole grain, and an olive oil/balsamic dip rather than butter or cheeses on breads.

* Have a salad as an appetizer

* If choosing a pasta, have a tomato, veggie or olive oil sauce sauce rather than a cheese sauce.

*Have extra vegetables, rather than potatoes, pasta or rice when having a meat or fish meal

* When possible go for a whole grain wrap/pita, with plenty of fresh and roasted vegetables, and possibly seeds, chick peas, lentils etc.. (not fried)  See sauce notes above 🙂  Djion is also a great option!

* Vegetable soups, nori rice & veg wraps are also a nice option when available, as well as fresh fruit cups – and real (blended in front of you) smoothies.

Cheers to your health and making wise decisions for your body, mind and spirit!

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Dear 11:11 Fitness Friends and Family


What an amazing year this year has been – and what an AMAZING, OUTSTANDING & JAW-DROPPING performance you have put on.  Well done!  You were focused, determined and look at the payoff!


I feel so grateful and blessed to get to work with such a dedicated and hard working group of life-loving guys and gals! You truly bring joy into my daily life!  Thank you so much for being you, and choosing me to work with.


I have watched you train really hard this year, build strength, confidence and skill….make lasting friendships, support each other and push until you can’t push anymore…..and your results have been mind blowing.  We’ve had envyable weight loss,  inches lost and toning,  raving doctor health reviews, peolpe feeling/being healthier than they have ever been – and you are responsible for it all.  You are the ones that made it happen, and did the hard work (even in the snow and rain, and hot hot heat) and look at how great you look and feel for it!  Way to go – you are UNSTOPPABLE!


You ROCKED 2011!!

You CAN do anything!


With that in mind, I offer you a 2012 fitness and health challenge:

How could you raise the bar for yourslef?  and What might just happen if you did?…..


For example:

Could you attend one more bootcamp class a week, than you are now?

Could you add a yoga class to your routine to help create more balance?

What might a 1/2 hour monthly nutrition coaching call help you maintain?

…and just where will you be by the end of 2012 if you did add that extra class or get the nutrition coaching

… might you look, feel and act?


I’m so excited to be moving into 2012 with such a great group of fitness family and friends.

Hugs, blessings

…and unlimited gratitude,


Alyssa Huntley


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This is not my normal blog about fitness etc..this is about so much more….

It’s about the current events that are taking place on a global scale right now….the Occupy Wall Street, and closer to home Occupy Toronto (Market Exchange or Bay Street), movement for freedom and equality and for people to take our power back.  It’s amazing when people rise up together, not in hatred or in fear, but after enough is enough, and we are ready for a change.  I’m am so amazed and honoured to see that the people who are occupying spaces, are peaceful and are out to spread love.  It’s a movement that that the world is ready to see.  With all the talk of The End of Times, the Mayan Calander,  11:11,  the Indigo Children, or changing into crystal beings, etc….we are seeing change…..this is the change…..we are evolving.  Evolving in to more loving beings…loving for ourselves, towards each other and for a higher good.  We are taking a stand on un-fairness and in-equality.  We are demonstrating that we know right from wrong, we know fair from unfair, and we know love vs. war.    This is a movement I am in on…I whether I can occupy space, or simply  state what I can in bloging, facebook and conversation, from where I am, I will make a change, I will take a stance.   I believe in Untity, Peace, Fairness, Truth and Love.

Love Love Love Love rEVOLt!


occupy Toronto Oct 15 2011, 11:11

occupy Toronto Oct 15th 2011 11:11 Love!!!!!

Are you ready for a shift?

Feeling unsettled and wanting peace of mind?


Would you like some assistance to heal? It’s here, it’s come to you -the solutions you’ve been asking for – to help make your life easier, happier and satisfying.


“Deep Healing & True Happiness” is a 2 month personal program, of rejuvenation exercises, and personal coaching via telephone and email. Weekly 1/2 hour telephone calls, set you moving forward towards happiness and releasing negativity. You’ll gain strategies for building supportive beliefs and learn methods of nurturing yourself.


The time for change is upon us…and you have been looking for for answers… here they are….


cost: $357.99



This program can begin at any are ready – make the call – make the change you’re ready for, you deserve your best



Alyssa Huntley

Certified Life Coach Level1&2

INLPTA certified NLP practitioner (change therapy)

11:11 Lindsay Life Styling Alyssa Huntley

11:11 Life Styling - Deep Healing and True Happiness - 2 month plan

11:11 Life Styling, Small Group Personal Training for Women

The best way to get motivated and restore balance in your life!

Small Group Personal Training is the most effective ways to get in shape and stay motivated! This class combines the the motivational advantage of working with a professional trainer, with the social element of of group exercise & is a proven strategy for fun and effectiveness.

Certified Personal Trainer, Alyssa Huntley, ensures that your exercise program is balanced, safe and effective; plus provides a variety of exercises and activities.

Small Group Training allows you to interact with others who have similar goals to achieve a common outcome together. Your group will build a strong relationship, in which you support and encourage each other. This class is for 4 people at a time, so you get plenty of individual attention.

To really propel your success, we’ve incorporated Life Style Coaching, Goal Attainment Coaching and Nutritional Education, in every session; providing structure, supervision and accountability.

Valued at over $1000.00 in training, coaching and nutrition;

this incredible class is now only $360.00 per participant, when you register by October 21st, 2011.

Any registered after, for a fee of $500.

If this class could benefit you, and make it easier for you to attain you goal (and you will), then sign up today or 705-340-5530 – remember this class is limited, so register now, as it will fill rapidly.

Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-8:00p.m.

Commencing November 2nd. 2011

11:11 Small Group Personal Training includes:

  • 2 classes a week, that are 1 ½ hours long.
  • 1 hour of personalized small group training – specific to your goals
  • ½ hour of life coaching, goal setting, nutrition and life style planning with Nathan and Alyssa Huntley

11:11 gives you the best in:

  • personal training
  • fitness leadership
  • life coaching & goal attainment
  • nutrition & wellness
  • motivation, support and accountability

Classes are held at: 112 Orchard Park Road Lindsay. (corner of Orchard Park and Sanderling Cresc.)


Alyssa Huntley

Owner 11:11 Life Styling

Can Fit Pro Certified, Fitness Trainer Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer Specialist,

Fitness Unlimited Certified Life Coach,

International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training Association (INLPTA) Certified NLP Practitioner

First Aid and CPR Certified



Christmas is a time, to celebrate with family and express love uniquely. Originating in religion, Christmas is now celebrated by many people who don’t necessarily hold the same beliefs, but do cherish similar values. It’s a time of gratitude and celebrating love, family and the miracle of existence.


Spirituality differs from religion, in that it’s more of an individual journey of questioning and a building of personal beliefs. Where as religions are more established and has a guiding path, and set beliefs already in place.


This time of year especially presents a lovely, colourful invitation for each of us to look within and delve into our own spiritual or religious beliefs and appreciate with open hearts. Begin by identifying the wonders of life that you may associate with your spirituality or faith. For example: the humbling sensation of gazing at a full moon, or sensing that you are contributing to something larger than yourself in your day to day tasks, or noticing the connection you have with others, simply because we walk the same Earth; or how about when things seem to magically fall into place, the right time, right place scenarios.


Ask yourself “What is Spirituality or Faith to me?”

Then take some time to explore your connection with whatever that is. Some ideas that may help to inspire your thoughts to flow freely are to have a walk in nature, allowing for curiosity to grow as you look upon the lights and the snow covered branches. Perhaps sitting with loved ones, appreciating who they are, and what they mean to you. You may wish to share with others, or attend a service that fills you with love and gratitude, there are many ways to inspire, and connect with your spirituality or faith.


Take the time to ponder the big questions, and bask in your own connection and participation in the splendor of this life and world that we share.


Alyssa Huntley

Coaching For Life Column

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Printed Dec 3 2010