Evolution – Resolution

January 2, 2012

My ideas for my new year


Less Coffee ~ More Water

Deep Breathing ~ Release Tension

Be Grounded ~ Settle In ~  Sit with my Fears (rather than run & avoid & deny)

Smile,  Smile and Smile some more

Exercise like my life depends on it (it does)

Be mindful, aware and awake


Settle into the moment, whatever that may be




……wish me luck and perseverance & I the same wishes for you.

Happy New Year 2012

Alyssa11:11 new years resolutions



This is not my normal blog about fitness etc..this is about so much more….

It’s about the current events that are taking place on a global scale right now….the Occupy Wall Street, and closer to home Occupy Toronto (Market Exchange or Bay Street), movement for freedom and equality and for people to take our power back.  It’s amazing when people rise up together, not in hatred or in fear, but after enough is enough, and we are ready for a change.  I’m am so amazed and honoured to see that the people who are occupying spaces, are peaceful and are out to spread love.  It’s a movement that that the world is ready to see.  With all the talk of The End of Times, the Mayan Calander,  11:11,  the Indigo Children, or changing into crystal beings, etc….we are seeing change…..this is the change…..we are evolving.  Evolving in to more loving beings…loving for ourselves, towards each other and for a higher good.  We are taking a stand on un-fairness and in-equality.  We are demonstrating that we know right from wrong, we know fair from unfair, and we know love vs. war.    This is a movement I am in on…I whether I can occupy space, or simply  state what I can in bloging, facebook and conversation, from where I am, I will make a change, I will take a stance.   I believe in Untity, Peace, Fairness, Truth and Love.

Love Love Love Love rEVOLt!


occupy Toronto Oct 15 2011, 11:11

occupy Toronto Oct 15th 2011 11:11 Love!!!!!

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11:11 Lindsay Life Styling Alyssa Huntley

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Creativity as a Healer

March 23, 2010

Expressing your creativity can boost your well-being and improve your health.

Creativity is an ability that we all posses. Some people are more in touch with their creative side, and others perhaps not so much. Though some may not feel they are overly creative, that resource is still there, and perhaps it is a matter of acknowledging what that is. Being creative does not only mean that one paints, carves, or creates music. Creativity can be expressed in a multitude of ways; it may be through writing, dance, gardening, building, sport or cultivation of ideas and strategies, and an abundance of other expressions. Creativity is not limited, it can be expressed in whatever way you wish.

Creative expression is healing. It’s a way for many to release emotions that may be pent up or unacknowledged. It can provide a safe outlet for our anger, sadness or hurt (any emotions that may feel hard to express openly). Or in contrast, a wonderful way to express love and gratitude…and even passions and desires. Creativity is a way to acknowledge our feelings, feel them through, express them and let them go. When one holds onto difficult emotions, it can cause disease. Any dis-ease in the mind manifests itself into disease in the body. I am a believer that we create our own disease, and illness, through the dis-ease and baggage that we carry, and refuse to release. Thus by expressing ourselves either verbally or creatively, we allow these feelings and thoughts to run their natural course, and to move through us, rather than festering them within.

As you move through your creative expression(s), allow yourself to experience them fully. Be in the emotions as they arise, and let the sensations flow through you, and from you into your work(s). For, it is within those moments, that you are truly healing, accepting and allowing life to flow as it may, without trying to control or manipulate any aspect of it. By allowing the flow of these feelings, all blocking, resistance, hiding or clinging ceases, and what remains in it’s absence is freedom: Freedom to be exactly as you are, feel whatever way you feel, and express in whatever way you uniquely express, and as the allowing continues, the healing element occurs, and the dis-ease dissipates naturally, returning your mind (and body) to it’s natural, healthy state.

Creative expressions do not need to be works of perfection, or as our mind delegates. We don’t have to get it right at all, just get it going. Allow your intuition to guide you, and listen to your gut feelings and your heart. Where possible release yourself from the confines of your intellect, and allow your body to become a vessel for your creativity to flow through. Aim not to judge or criticize your works, for it is a masterpiece in of itself. As with art, and in life, it is the journey that is of importance, not so much the end result. Thus, when your work is completed, marvel at the imperfections, and appreciate them as they are. With many extraordinary pieces of art, it can often be the imperfections that touch our heart, the most. For example, in the song Fake Plastic Trees, by Radiohead, it is the quivering and cracks within his voice, that are powerful and touch one’s soul, not the fact that each note may be perfectly in place. It is the pure expression of emotion that connects us, and when it resonates with the audience, it can also commence the healing within them as well.

You may wish to share your work(s) and expression(s) with others or you may wish to keep them for your own. Through sharing, our creations can serve as a mirror for others, for in the event that it resonates with them, they become aware of what emotions are within, and the opportunity is presented for them to look upon that aspect within themselves, and if they choose, to heal. You may also like to keep your works for yourself, and that is a personal choice, for it was created in essence for you, by you, and again it is not the end result that is necessarily the most important aspect. You will know what you prefer and why.

Creative expression is really about being in touch with yourself, your emotions, illusions, truth, or any aspect pertaining to where you are right now at this very moment in your life, and any time, we connect to that, and acknowledge ourselves, we heal.


Alyssa11:11 creativity as a Healer

Often times it is ourselves that keep a negative or hurtful experience alive and continuing, even long after the event itself is over. For many of us it’s common to hang onto past pains and wrong doings and remain stuck in those feelings. What often we do not realize, is that we ourselves are the only ones responsible for creating that hurt, in the present moment. That also means that we have a choice to stop creating that pain, and choose to let it go and free ourselves.

balloon meditation - 11:11 Life styling

set yourself free 11:11 life styling

Letting go of fear, guilt and pain.

Using creative visualization, envision placing all of your fears, guilt and pain regarding a certain situation into a garbage can.

Attach big strong helium-filled balloons to the can.

On the balloons, envision writing; “I am free”, & “I let go”.

Watch as the balloons lift the garbage can up off the ground, and carry it off and away, and disappears into the sky, taking with it your fear, guilt and pain, and leaving you light and free.

Notice how much lighter you feel.

Just Be….