Evolution – Resolution

January 2, 2012

My ideas for my new year


Less Coffee ~ More Water

Deep Breathing ~ Release Tension

Be Grounded ~ Settle In ~  Sit with my Fears (rather than run & avoid & deny)

Smile,  Smile and Smile some more

Exercise like my life depends on it (it does)

Be mindful, aware and awake


Settle into the moment, whatever that may be




……wish me luck and perseverance & I the same wishes for you.

Happy New Year 2012

Alyssa11:11 new years resolutions




PASSION is the unfolding of joy. It opens one up to possibilities, is creative and giving.

COMPULSION is the opposite, it is fear based, and closes possibilities and perceptions.

Let go of your fears and replace them with gratitude….

Try this test to see if your everyday activities are passion driven or compulsion drive:

Make a list of your daily activities, including your leisure activities.

Ask yourself the following for each answer:

does it open possibility or close it off?
– am I avoiding or welcoming my emotions?
– is this an unfolding of joy or fear?

– is it a passion or diversion?

………….What do your answers signify?

Is it time to take a closer look at yourself?

image by fhrankee

Often times it is ourselves that keep a negative or hurtful experience alive and continuing, even long after the event itself is over. For many of us it’s common to hang onto past pains and wrong doings and remain stuck in those feelings. What often we do not realize, is that we ourselves are the only ones responsible for creating that hurt, in the present moment. That also means that we have a choice to stop creating that pain, and choose to let it go and free ourselves.

balloon meditation - 11:11 Life styling

set yourself free 11:11 life styling

Letting go of fear, guilt and pain.

Using creative visualization, envision placing all of your fears, guilt and pain regarding a certain situation into a garbage can.

Attach big strong helium-filled balloons to the can.

On the balloons, envision writing; “I am free”, & “I let go”.

Watch as the balloons lift the garbage can up off the ground, and carry it off and away, and disappears into the sky, taking with it your fear, guilt and pain, and leaving you light and free.

Notice how much lighter you feel.

Just Be….