Sharing Healthy Concepts

November 28, 2016

Good morning friends,

Ever notice how when you are excited about your new healthy lifestyle and ways of living, that your enthusiasm doesn’t always rub off on everyone else?
In fact, some people can actually feel defensive or threatened by your excitement, feeling like they are being judged…even though that may not be at all where you are coming from.

So today I want to share some ideas, on how to share your healthy ideas without causing others to get their backs up, so that they can actually listen and maybe even be inspired like you hope.

~ Let them know what is working for you, may not be for everyone (this allows them to come to any conclusions about themselves on their own)

~ Share any tips as stories; how your own experience has been and methods that have helped you.

~ Find out what their dreams are, and what their challenges are that are in their way, then let them know how your actions helped you get to where you wanted to more efficiently.

Hope this can help when talking to friends and family.
Love and light



Happiness is a personal journey…..
It’s about showing up in the world as your most purposeful and authentic self ~ being the very BEST version of YOU.

Sounds simple right…”just be me and I’ll be happy”….
…though simple doesn’t always mean easy….

As we know anxiety is on the rise, stress is everywhere….
…we’re doing more than ever, are busier than ever….yet feel overwhelmed with work and life….and underwhelmed with joy.
Something is not adding up for millions of people.

Stress and unhappiness are an epidemic!
And it’s causing disease, divorce, obesity, anger, addiction, depression…etc.

I believe that every person has the right to happiness
….and I believe that each person is worthy of a peaceful, joy-filled life.


Having a peaceful life, truly comes from knowing who you are, on a really deep level.

If we don’t truly know who we are, what we believe, what we stand for, what our passions are or life purpose is…. how are we supposed to make any choices that will lead us to our dream life.
A whole lot of use are just “getting by” and “making ends meet” but not LOVING LIFE!

So let’s take a quick little peak into what’s holding you back:

1.) You haven’t mastered setting boundaries and saying no.
~ So the things you are doing day in and day out, may not align with who you really are, or what you believe…and your spending a whole lot of your day’s energy and time on them…..
….maybe ask yourself “What is the cost of me saying yes to XYZ”…..and if I’m saying yes to XYZ, what does that mean I’m saying no to for me”

2.) You fear judgement from others.
~ Do you base decisions on how you think others will react?
~ Do you look outward to see what others are doing and base your choices on theirs?
When we look outward rather than inward, we get pulled out of alignment with who we really are, and we give away our personal power…
…..and this causes a huge amount of inner frustration, resentment, lack of motivation, creates self sabotage and disease…etc.

3.) You don’t love what you spend your days doing.
~ Let me ask you this…in 100% honesty:
Do you love your job?  I mean for real real real real…would you do it even if you didn’t get paid…truly love it that much?

I believe life is meant to fulfill us, and that each one of us has a MAGIC that is truly unique to who we are…I also believe that it is our purpose in life to share this gift, and that’s what our jobs should be.
When we live through our own magic, we are living out love in action.

4.) You don’t fully believe in yourself.
~ Not believing in yourself is one of the hardest places to be.
It’s like living a life half numb, acting our the motions, but never really “Sinking in”..never really feeling ALIVE.
And when you’re living a life only semi-engaged, no one is getting what they really need… your not, your spouse, your kids, your work … and everything starts to slip… self esteem slips more, relationships take a hard knocks, sales dwindle, weight rises, stress rises…and things spiral down, until your waking up with little purpose, little care, just going through the motions again…and barely enjoying the ride.
Life’s not meant to be that way….
It’s supposed to be full of life, love, laughter, passion, purpose, drive, excitement!!!

Give yourself a rattle and wake up ~ YOU are AWESOME and have Brilliant Potential!

5.) You don’t trust the World.
~ Maybe you’re not certain that it will support you to do what you really want to do.
~ Maybe you’re not sure you deserve it?  Or that people will follow you, or believe in you..
~ Maybe you think that success is hard?  Or that you’ve got to work to the bone to ever get anywhere….
And guess what:
You’ll get what you ask for in this world….
If you don’t trust it, you won’t get the trust you seek….
If you don’t think you deserve it…. then it’s not coming…..
If you fear not being followed…then you won’t be….
If you think success is hard…. it’s going to be a very steep climb.

We get what we believe….
so if your beliefs are based on fear or not enough-ness in any way, make a shift and your world will open up.

If you find that some of the above resonates then let’s do some work together.
This is   just a minor breakdown of some of the things I look at with my clients, in co-creating a better life for them.
~ We go deep…. we answer the hard questions, we find what needs attention and care, and create pathways and strategies that make your success, happiness and life joy filled!

Love to hear your answers.
Please connect.



Listen to your pain teacher

November 21, 2016

Our darkness is truly a gift….
Do not look at your challenges and troubles as something wrong with yourself.
Let them become a guiding light, into where you can love yourself more and nurture your own soul, needs and wisdom.

Sometimes we get clogged by overuse of negative thoughts, energy, food, relationships, stress and so forth;

Your darkness and challenge is your body’s way of asking for you to stop ignoring, and find relief.
It’s time for a detoxification of mind and body.

If your energy is in a slump, your degree of joy for life lacking…
you can let go of the past, you can step into today and start strong…right NOW.

If you are hearing this message, let it be a sign to you, begin to make a new path.

Connect to the root, connect to the source of your pain and of your healing. There is grace and wisdom there, power that can transform.

Don’t allow yourself to waiver any longer…

~ Alyssa



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Lindsay On Canada

Here We Grow Again

May 21, 2016

Evolution……Change……Personal Growth…..

…it’s a passion of mine;
living MY TRUTH……….

So….. here we “grow” again…


For many years Fitness and Yoga, have been a huge part of my life and business, and still will continue to be…BUT I’m CHANGING ….(read on to hear more)

Life is guiding me in a more powerful direction…there is far MORE I am here to do…

My purpose is becoming clearer ~ and bigger!!
..and it’s feeling REALLY EXCITING!


Now don’t get me wrong, I create amazing fitness and weight loss results, but I just don’t feel like “weight loss” is my real work, or purpose here on Earth; I’m drawn to something far more deep and meaningful.

You see, I know that fitness and weight loss are only the very tip of the iceberg, so, if I am going to deliver a truly life altering extraordinary service to my clientele, I can’t hold back any longer!


I believe that each person is unique, and that we all have challenges that are unique to our own lives, past experiences, bodies, thought patterns, and so forth… and I believe that each of us also has a unique solution to resolving and healing ourselves;  We simply do not all fit into a “one size fits all” box, nor does weight loss truly resolve what is really going on on the inside.


You see, I believe that the “real work” happens on the inside, through healing our hearts and minds, and not just through our outer bodies attaining a certain shape.  And so to me, the idea of just forming a workout for someone, or a class, (or a body) is not what truly honors my deep core beliefs and values, it would only be a fraction of what I know is my true purpose.


So, I’m changing…
I’m evolving.

I live what I speak, by my own values, and what I am most passionate about sharing with the World.

It is my purpose; it’s simply WHY I am here.

So, I’m tailoring my business to let ME shine through even MORE…

…to make MORE of an IMPACT…



…to end up where I WANT to end up…


…and to HELP YOU, be MORE of what YOU WANT to BE…

…and to HELP YOU deeply heal – and alleviate your pains that hold you back, so YOU can BE more FULLY ALIVE, JOYFUL, SUCCESSFUL..and LIVE a LIFE ALIGNED with YOUR DREAMS too!!


I’m simply done playing by anyone else’s rule book……I’m done with frustration……I’m done with only giving a portion of what I really have to give.

And, I’m ready to do what seldom people actually do: to live my life’s purpose.

And from this point forward, I fully embrace this WHOLENESS of my TRUTH, to guide me in every interaction and relationship I have.

I am ready to align myself with the greatest vision I have of who I am and who I can be…without holding back…and to help YOU do the same.


So from here forward, you shall see me, in person, on facebook, in newsletters and with my clients working in ways that put this purpose at the very center of all actions and thoughts.
This means, my business embodies a very soul-full core of heart centered living, neuro-linguistic communication, hypno-therapy, holistic nutrition, movement therapy like working-out and working-in, and personal empowerment success strategies and lifestyle choices, that bring YOU to your HIGHEST VISION of WHO you are and HOW you WANT to SUCCEED…
and it feels AMAZING!


I’m bring it all together, to make every single interaction deeply meaningful.

And so, I invite you…. to awaken with me, to become fearless and see yourself more clearly than ever…and turn your attention back towards YOU, not just your body, but ALL OF YOU – your HEART, your MIND, your SPIRIT and your BODY.

After all, this IS YOUR LIFE, your amazing journey… and you get to make your own rule book too.

Day in and day out, be with those whom you want to be with, when you want to be with them, do what you love to do, and make the profit you are worth.

….Just as 11:11 is built around me and my growth, make your journey all about YOU and YOUR GROWTH.

Water the seeds of your mind…of your heart, and your soul….
Join me,

You are so very worth it!


Love and light

~ Alyssa



So how is it going …. ………….really?
Some simple yes and no questions …to check in with how much you are loving your life… …or not?
Ever notice that we often respond the same day in day out, without even thinking or feeling our answer? “How are you doing?”….. ….”I’m good” or “Good-and-you” like it’s an automated one word response. …but in all honesty, do you ever stop and ask your self “how am I really“? If I was actually honest with myself…..
Day to day we hear a lot of people complaining about their work, their boss, their partner, their health, their body, their money situation, etc. And I think to myself… WOW life’s not meant to be that way.
You see, my view of the World is that when you feel discontentment – that’s an opportunity to make change and shift your energy, so you create a life you truly are happy in.
So, let’s make this simple; Here’s a simple yes or no test; for you to be able to give yourself an honest overview of how happy you are in the life now – (and at the same time, create possibility for you to get what you really want)
So… let’s begin; Answer simply with YES or NO
Are you currently happy in your job? YES/NO
Does it honour your values and beliefs, and give you a sense of respect? YES/NO
Do the people who are in your life the most bring out the best in you, inspire you, and deeply care? YES/NO
Is home life exciting and fulfilling? YES/NO
Do you feel you are fulfilling your highest purpose? YES/NO
Do you spend your days doing what you’ve always wanted to be doing? YES/NO
How you want to be doing it… YES/NO
With whom you want to be doing it… YES/NO
and When you want to be doing it… YES/NO
……….If you are getting any NO responses, let’s look at that;
You see, each of us VOTES with our time, energy and money with the choices we make to create our life. .. in the scenarios above, the more often you are answering NO, the more you are not living in alignment with yourself.
And when you are out of alignment with who you are, how is it possible for you to have what you really want?
As your NO answers mount, you may find yourself: …working harder and longer for less and less money … surrounded by people who bring your energy down, push your buttons, lack respect or create drama…. …you may even find you feel burnt out, uninspired, unhealthy, unmotivated, and wondering “what the heck happened?”…. and the spiral once started can go downward fast…
So………… here’s where the opportunity comes in:
Take a good look at your life and honestly ask yourself: “Am I truly happy with where I am, and are my choice working for me?” YES/NO
If the NO answers are piling up…. If you’re feeling like your life is less that what you want it to be in ANY respect….
Then it’s time: …..TIME to shift your thinking… and take the power back by taking action.
I would LOVE to hear your responses ~ Please email me back with your responses and action steps about what you are going to do about it. And remember this awesome quote “You are closer than you think, to living your dream, it’s only a few steps away……. but if you never actually take those steps it might as well be one million miles away.”
As well, if you are feeling ready – and I mean really ready to make serious change and never look back… I invite you to join me in my next 10 week 1:1 Standing In My Own Power Series of coaching. This in depth 1:1 coaching experience will take you into the depths of who you are and what you believe, for deep healing… physical, energetic and mental renewal, health and joy.
Imagine having …more freedom… …more confidence… …more money… ….more fun… ..and having your YES answers ringing loudly, as you joyfully create the life you are meant to live.
If you are ready to live your life to the fullest…. YES …then message me today.
There are only 12 spaces available (and you must apply)… so please let me know ASAP, if you intend to be one of them, and create a life full of passion, purpose and personal power! 1:1 Standing In My Own Power sessions will commence May 25th and run 10 weeks time, with weekly personal development appointments.
You matter deeply…. ~ your coach Alyssafeel good program

Power of Thought

May 21, 2016

How we live is important, particularity at the level of the mind. Every time you are conscious of your thoughts, you have the power to create your future and build a better, happier life, one of awareness and joy.

The more you become aware of your thought patterns and unconscious beliefs, the more you begin to have the ability to re-set your path in the direction of your choosing..rather than being unconscious at the wheel, and struggling.

You may find yourself caught in old destructive patterns, habits, addictions, self talk, or limited abilities… and in reality these are all just limits of the mind..and how you use the mind – there IS a way out …and a way UP.

The way is your willingness to look, to venture to the source of where these patterns began…to find the nugget of positive intention they hold, and then move forward with that good intention intact, leaving the un-healthy pattern behind.
In coaching and NLP, that is exactly what I help you to do.

If you are ready to sow the seeds for a better future, and cultivate a positive and free, awakened mind, then the time is now – to do something new, something fresh…and co-create an amazing tomorrow.

Set your appointment today.

Love and light
~ Alyssa2dc6949702022d83596bd31ab5895005